MD 27


Semi-Flexible Waterproofing Compound

ISONEM MD 27 is a semi-flexible waterproofing compound containing cement and acrylic binders. This cement based compound provides a waterproof coating, and transforms concrete, brick, etc. surfaces into new surfaces. Forms a semi-flexible layer and bridges the cracks. Being a flexible isolation compound with a very high resistance against chlorine and sea water, ISONEM MD 27 is highly suitable for use on places threatened by these factors.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Forms a carbonization-resistant cover, withstands pressure up to 7 bars. Exhibits perfect adhesion capabilities, is semi elastic, and unaffected by pedestrian traffic Breathes freely and is unaffected by carbon dioxide and chlorine ions, does not get affected by sunlight and UV. The product is ecological, has no adverse effects to human health.


  • Composition: ISONEM MD 27 is composed of specially selected cements, silica sand and reactive fillers supplied in powder form together with a liquid component of blended acrylic copolymers and special additives.
  • Density (Wet Mixture): 1,8 gr/ml •Color: Gray, white


  • Non Toxic
  • Max Particle Size: 0,4 mm
  • % Elongation at Break: Min % 25 (TS 11758-1)
  • PH (Liquid Component): 7 - 10
  • Initial surface absorption: >95% reduction against control
  • Water Absorbtion: <%2 (TS 7847)
  • Resistance against pressurized water: 7 bar, 70 meters water column height
  • Compressive strength: 10N/mm2
  • Bending strength: 4N/mm2
  • Temperature range: -20°C + 80°C
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  • For renovation of old surfaces,
  • On foundations and walls subject to sea water tanks, basements, damp locations,
  • On places for which waterproofing and protection is desired against salt water,
  • On concrete surfaces for protection against carbonization and chlorine,
  • On concrete piers and screeds near sea,
  • Wet areas, shower and baths, under tiles in water retaining structures,
  • Positive side insulations of the wall and grounds,
  • Insulations on the concrete, plaster and alum applications,
  • Balcony, terrace, swimming pools,
  • Pre-cast and pre-fabricated elements, roofs,
  • For waterproofing & protection against brackish water.


SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface to be applied on should be certainly clean and moist. If the surface is dry, it should be moistened providing no accumulation. High suction substrates will require more dampening than dense substrates.The oil, dust, rust or the factors reducing the adherence should be eliminated. If any points requiring repair works, segregations or any gaps, should be repaired with ISONEM 03 Elastic Mortar. Then ISONEM MD 27 mixture should be prepared.


MIX PROPORTIONS: Mixture is prepared by adding 5 liters of liquid component (B component) and 2,5 liters of water to one craft paper sack of 20 kg powdered component (A Component). ISONEM MD 27 is supplied in premeasured units and should be mixed on site in clean containers. 5 kg of liquid component is poured and 2,5 liters of water added. The powdered compound is added slowly to this from the 20 kg bag while stirring with the aid of a mixer. The mixing process takes approx. 5 minutes for homogenous structure. MIX AND USE. Do not mix more material than can be used in one hour. The prepared mixture is applied with a brush in three layers by waiting 4 hours between layers and each layer in cross direction to the preceding one. Damp cure for 24 hours, after which time the ISONEM MD 27 must be allowed to thoroughly air-dry so the surface is ready for use 24 hours after drying. The application should not be made at high temperatures or frost so the morning hours or the evening times should be preferred. It is recommended, for general resurfacing, that each coat should be a minimum of 1mm thick.

CONSUMPTION: 2-3 kg/m2 (at 3 layers)
PACKAGE: Total net 25 kg combi plastic buckets (5 kg liquid in the upper part + 20 kg powder in the lower part).
STORAGE CONDITIONS/SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers at temperatures between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Protect from excessive temperature and frost.
HEALTH AND SAFETY: For full information on Helath and Safety matters regarding this product the relevant Health and Safety Data Sheet should be consulted

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