MD 27


ISONEM MD 27 is a semi-flexible waterproofing material containing cement and acrylic binders. It is a cement based waterproof coating which is provided new surfaces feature when it is applied to concrete, brick, etc.. It forms a semi-flexible layer and bridges the cracks. Being a flexible isolation compound with very high resistance against chlorine and seawater, ISONEM MD 27 is highly suitable for use on places threatened by these factors.

· Forms a carbonization-resistant cover, withstands positive pressure up to 7 bars.

· Exhibits perfect adhesion capabilities, is semi elastic and unaffected by pedestrian traffic.

· Breathes freely and is unaffected by carbon dioxide and chlorine ions, does not get affected by sunlight and UV.

· The product is ecological, has no adverse effects to human health.



Density B comp. (25°C, g/mL): 1,00 ± 0,10

pH B comp. (25°C): 7,0 – 9,0

Solid content (% Weight): 89 ± 2

Water transmission rate (kg/ m2. h0,5): < 0,1 CLASS W3

Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm2): Crack bridging flexible systems without trafficking  ≥ 0,8, with trafficking 1,5 N/mm²

Permeability to water vapour (m): 5 ≤  SD ≤ 50 CLASS II

Pot life (23°C): 30 - 40 minutes

Solvent: Water

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product

· For renovation of old surfaces,

· On foundations and walls subject to sea water

· Water tanks, basements, damp locations,

· On places for which waterproofing and protection is desired against salt water,

· On concrete surfaces for protection against carbonization and chlorine,

· On concrete piers and screeds near sea,

· Wet areas, shower and baths, under tiles in water retaining structures,

· On positive side insulations of the wall and grounds,

· Insulations of the concrete, plaster and alum applications,

· On balcony, terrace and swimming pools,

· On pre-cast and pre-fabricated elements, roof.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces should be cleaned from foreign objects like oil, dust, dirt, etc. before the application. The surface must be clean and moist. If the surface is dry, it should be moistened providing no accumulation. The factors reducing adherence such as oil, dust, rust should be eliminated. If there are any segregations, voids or need for repair on the surface, they should be lled with ISONEM M 03 elastic mortar. If there are surfaces with adhesion problems, they should be primed with adherence enhancer ISONEM D 10 LATEX and ISONEM MD 27 should be applied while the surface is slightly sticky and before it is completely dry.

Preparation of the mixture: ISONEM MD 27 consists of two components. The rst part is component A consisting of powder polymer and hardener and the second component is liquid component B consisting of liquid polymer. B component (5 kg) in liquid form is placed in a clean, sufficiently large container and 2,5 L water added upon. A component (20 kg) of powder is slowly added to the liquid which is continuous mixing with the aid of a mixer and gently mixed so that no lumps remain. At the end of the mixing, a homogenous, applicable via brush, mortar is obtained.

Application method: ISONEM MD 27 should be applied in 3 coats. The application process should be perpendicular layers to each other, homogeneously and smoothly with the help of a brush. The wet lm thickness should not exceed 1 mm at one layer. It should be waited a min. of 4 hours between the coats and it should not be interrupted for more than 24 hours. The application should not be done in extreme heat or frost, it should be done in the morning or evening cool. 


CONSUMPTION: 2 - 3 kg/m² (3 coats). 10 - 15 m²/Set

PAINTABLE (COVERAGE) AREA: 8 - 12,5 m² /1 set 

COLOR: Greenish gray

PACKAGING: 25 kg set, Component A 20 kg powder craft bag + B Component 5 kg liquid PE drum

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages. between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place


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