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Water Plug, Rapid Setting Mortar to Plug Active Water Leaks

Ready to use, rapid setting mortar to plug active water leaks instantly. When it comes into contact with water, it blocks water by setting about 40 seconds. ISONEM M 36 is used in active water streams and for drying surface water. ISONEM M 36 is for stopping the water and for preparation for insulation. High expansion property, does not shrink. It does not contain soda or chlorine, it does not harm the reinforcement and iron, the adherence property is excellent.

Type : Cement-based
Compressive strength (MPa) : ≥ 10, CLASS R1
Adhesive bond (Mpa) : ≥0.8
Flash Point (° C) : N/A (Not applicable)
Class of Fire Reaction : CLASS A2

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product
Usage AreasUsage Areas

· Stopping the water from pressurized water,
· To stop water leaks before cement based insulation is applied,
· In the drying of the surface and in the prevention of currents coming from cracks

Application TypeApplication Type

Application Method :The application is made in powder form. Rubber gloves should be worn during application. To the prepared surface, a small amount of powder is taken into the palm for the buffer and the material is hand-pressed by hand to the area of the active water leakage. This process is continued until the powder hardens and water is cut off. After the water is stopped, the free material remaining on ISONEM M 36 is cleaned with a dry brush. Then, ISONEM M 35 is applied in three layers to form permanent insulation. If ISONEM M 36 is applied as a mortar, it is mixed with clean water in 2/5 ratio (40%) and put into a paste consistency. This mixture is prepared without kneading. This mortar starts to heat up with the reaction and the mortar that is heated is turned into a plug pressed into the hole where the water is released. It is expected to be fully hardened and the hand is held there for a while. As in the dry application, the ISONEM M35 is applied in three layers and the insulation is completed. 

Consumption and Suggestions

COLOR : Gray
PACKAGING : 5 kg, 10 kg and 18 kg PE buckets
CONSUMPTION : 5 Kg: Min 2.5 lt. space / 1 bucket, 10 Kg : Min 5 lt. space / 1 bucket, 18 Kg : Min 9 lt. space / 1 bucket
STORAGE : 24 months in original, unopened package, cool and dry environment.

Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
ISONEM M 36 Application Photos
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