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New-Generation Insulation And Floor Coating

ISONEM HYBRID is a new generation of insulation and flooring material developed with the latest technology. Due to its properties, it is used alone instead of many insulations and floor covering. Because it is not affected by UV, sun, human and vehicle traffic and also the most important it's drying fast and easy to manipulate, It is highly useful. During the development of this product, insulation and floor coatings of many brands were analyzed through observing the problems, difficulties, and deficiencies by our experts. This new generation item was manufactured to eliminate the experienced problems which involved replacing many of these products by ISONEM HYBRID


· Type : Polymer modified additives, special cement and acrylic dispersion, 2 parts. 
· Water Transmission Rate (kg/ m². h0,5 ) : ≤ 0.1, CLASS W3 
· Permeability to water vapour (m) : 5≤ sD ≤ 50, CLASS II 
· Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm²) : Crack-bridging system trafficking ≥ 1,0 With trafficking ≥ 2,0 
· Density B Comp. (25°C, g/mL) : 1.00 ± 0.10 
· pH B Comp. (25°C) : 7.0 - 9.0 
· Pot life (23°C, 50% RH) : 20 - 30 min. *High temperatures shorten time 
· Service Temperature : (-30) - (+ 80) °C *Low temperatures reduce time

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product
Usage AreasUsage Areas

USAGE AREAS OF ISONEM HYBRID: - Terrace and roof insulation, - Ornamental pools, -Wet room, bathroom and balconies, - Walkways, parking and garden floors, -Parking Area’s floors, asphalt roads, - Factory and warehouse floors, - Pond and cisterns, - Old or problematic insulations on them (the membrane, shingles, tar, asphalt, etc.)

Application TypeApplication Type

SURFACE PREPARATION:  The substrate must be clean, uniform, dry, free of dust, oil or grease, and loose or weak particles. Surface defects and voids should be repaired with ISONEM M 03. Surface Preparation: Surface must be washed with water and then application should be made before drying totally. In the case of dusting or absorbent surfaces, the surface should be primed with ISONEM UNIVERSAL PRIMER (1: 7 diluted with water;1 part primer, 7 part water) and primer should dry at least 4 hours then ISONEM HYBRID can be applied.

Application method : ISONEM HYBRID consists of two components. The first component is a powder Hybrid composed of powder polymer and hydraulic cement combined with hardener and the second part is the liquid Hybrid consisting of a colored, dark-colored acrylic polymer. The liquid component (B Component) in the upper compartment of the plastic pail is taken into a separate container and added with 1.5 liters of water and mixed for 2 minutes. Afterward, the powder component (A Component) is slowly poured and mixed with a 400-speed mixer drill so that it becomes homogeneous in it and get ready for use. Leave the mixture for 2 minutes. This mixture is applied with a long-haired brush in a single direction. The thickness of the film should be 1.2 mm in a single layer. The product should be applied at least in 2 layers in perpendicular layers to each other. 

Consumption and Suggestions

Cleaning of Tools : Clean with water after application

PACKAGING : Two-component PE bucket with 6.5 kg liquid component (Upper compartment) and 16.5 kg powder component (Lower compartment)

COLOR : ISONEM Hybrid is produced in standard colors in the Asphalt Paint-Hybrid color card.

SHELF LIFE : 24 months in original, unopened package, cool and dry environment.

CONSUMPTION : 1 - 1,5 kg / m² (15 - 23 m² / bucket)

Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
ISONEM HYBRID Application Photos
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