Fire Extinguisher Spray

A high-grade product developed for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, and C (European Classes) on the purpose of faster, safer and more effectively than its beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is spraying our product to the fire from away 50 - 60 cm. ISONEM ANTIMOLOTOV is a sprayable liquid extinguishing tool. The heat of fire evaporates the extinguishing agent and a chemical reaction starts. By releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide, it chokes the fire, cuts its contact with oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire. Shake the product before application.


Protect the package from direct sunlight and avoid storing it in high temperatures above 50°C.

Please view ISONEM ANTI MOLOTOV for detailed information related to properties, usage areas, and technical specifications of the product.

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product

PACKAGING: 0.5 L Spray bottle

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