Non-Flammable and Fireproof Solution
ISONEM ANTI FIRE SOLUTION SPRAY, Non-flammable solution is used via spraying on the surface from 20 - 30 cm away in any kind of absorbent surfaces. Shake the product before application. Its function starts with its drying and the material becomes non-flammable. It varies according to the application and application surface. Consumption amount varies according to the absorbency of the application surface or material.

Protect the package from direct sunlight and avoid storing it in high temperatures above 50°C.

Please view ISONEM ANTI FIRE SOLUTION  for detailed information related to properties, usage areas, and technical specifications of the product.
Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product

CONSUMPTION: 2 - 3 m²/0,5 L  PACKAGING: 0,5 L Spray bottle

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