Thermal Paint PU

ROOF and METAL SURFACE HEAT INSULATION PAINT has a high performance, low thermal conductivity. It is a two-component, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane resin-based, UV resistant, a specially developed coating which provides improved thermal insulation for sheet and metal surfaces. It provides energy savings of up to 40% in heating and cooling energy costs depending on the layer number of the application. Formulated to provide thermal protection for metal roof, tank, boiler and pipe surfaces. Thanks to its this feature help to increase efficiency by reducing energy loss.


· Radiant heatproof, energy saving up to 40%.

· It can be applied to internal and external surfaces.

· Labor costs are low, easy to apply and short.

· Dirt-resistant, easy to clean.

· It has late flammability and non-flammability.



· Density (25°C, g/mL) : 0.75 ± 0.10

· pH (25°C) : Not applicable

· Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s) : 3000 – 5000

· Solid Content (% Weight) : min. 55

· Thermal paint surface resistance (RS) : 0.0495 ± 1.5%

· Heat Conductivity Coefficient (W/mK) : 0,0233

· Solvent: Organic solvent

· Flash point (°C) : > 21

· Pot life (20°C, min.) : 40 – 60


Test Details

Sample thickness (Drywall + Thermal Paint - PU dry film): 0.0128 M

Dimensions: 0.302 x0302M

Air temperature: 25.25 °C

Temperature of Coated Surfaces: 18.06 ° C

Cold Surface Temperature: 13.53 ° C

Density of Heat Current: 71.14 W / m²

Drywall Temperature Drop / Air Surface: 11.72K

Temperature Decrease in Air Surface Layer: 7.19 K

Temperature Drop in Drywall: 4.53 K

Heat Resistance of Drywall and Air Layer: 0.1635 m² K / w

Heat Resistance of Air Surface Layer: 0.1005 m² K / w

Heat Resistance of Drywall and Coating: 0.063 m² K / w

Test Time: 84 Hours

Ambient temperature inside the building: 23 ° C

Temperature Sensors: Temperatures are measured by using thermocouple type probes. In addition, the infrared beam placed between the units through the area was utilized.

Methods and Conditioning Temperature: 2 samples were prepared and left to conditioning for 7 days.

Measured errors: Errors of up to 3% were taken into account and the test was performed 2 times.

Heat Energy Saving Result: The increase in heat resistance of 9.5 mm nominal thickness gypsum board covered with ISONEM sample on the empty coating without ceramic beads is 20.2% in one coat.

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product

Surface preparation: The surfaces to be applied with paint must be cleaned from dirt, oil, rust, grease, loose parts, and other foreign materials. The surface should be primed using ISONEM ANTI RUSST PRIMER and allow it to dry for 5 - 6 hours.

Preparation of the mixture: Prior to use, thoroughly stir the paint (component A) and then add the hardener (component B). Apply to the surface after obtaining a homogenous mixture.

Application Method: It should be applied 3 layers by roller, brush or spray without thinning the product. The second and third coats must be applied after the first coat has dried. It should be waited at least 4 hours between two coats.


COLOR: All requested can be produced in colors.

CONSUMPTION: 1 kg/m² (it should be at least 1 mm thickness, 1kg/m² for absolute application success.) 4,5 m² / set

PACKING: : Component A: 4 kg, Component B: 0.5 kg, total 4.5 kg set

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place away from heat and fire.


IMPORTANT: Consuming more or less can lead to inefficiency and side effects. The surface should be protected from rain, water, mechanical loads and impacts for 24 hours during and after the application.

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