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Elastic, Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint

It is a paint that forms a seamless, elastic and waterproof layer by drying on the surface on which it is applied. Creates a decorative coating. It is water-based polymer based, solvent free and has 300% elasticity. It can be applied on dry or slightly moist surfaces. It is resistant to UV and outdoor weather conditions. It is water impermeable but has a water vapor permeable structure. It provides the buildings to breathe and prevents moisture, damp with its this feature. Thanks to its special formula, it does not keep dirt and prevents its the first-day feature for many years. It prevents the carbon dioxide gas formed in the structure and thus protects the equipment in the concrete by reducing the formation of carbonization. It protects the buildings against the effects of rain, dirt, traffic etc. from the external environment. Since it has high elasticity, it is not affected by all cracks which may occur on the building surface, nonflammable. It is white in color and can be colored if desired

Type : Water based, acrylic emulsion based, single component.
Water Transmission Rate (kg/ m². h ) : ≤ 0.1, CLASS W3
Permeability to water vapour (m) : 5 ≤ sD ≤ 50, CLASS II
Tensile strength (23 ° C, N/mm²) : 2
Elongation at break (23°C) : 300% 

Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product
Usage AreasUsage Areas

· All kinds of plaster and painted exterior surfaces,
· Mineral render etc. on old coatings,
· Exterior surfaces, wood, etc.
· In buildings covered with thermal insulation systems,
· For the painting of concrete or prefabricated structures, 

Application TypeApplication Type

Surface Preparation : Before application, the surfaces must be clean, free of oil, dirt, mud and loose parts should be cleaned. The surface may be dry or slightly humid. It should not be applied on surfaces with salt efflorescence from the negative side. Application on the surface cracks, holes, etc. these should be repaired with ISONEM M03 elastic mortar. If dilatation is present on the surface, it should be filled with ISONEM A4 elastic filler in advance. ISONEM BE 99 is ready to use. We recommend that the package is opened and mixed homogeneously before use.

Application Method : It can be made with a brush, roller or a suitable sprayer. Before application, ISONEM UNIVERSAL PRIMER (1: 7 diluted with water;1 part primer, 7 part water) insulation and paint primer should be applied in one coat with 200 - 300 g/m² consumption. The liner is then allowed to dry for 4 hours. After the primer, the surface is applied in two coats 4 hours between layers and the paint process is finished.

Consumption and Suggestions

COLOR : Can be produced in all colors.
CONSUMPTION : 0,8 - 1 kg/m² (primer + 2 Layers)
PACKING : 5 Kg, 10 kg and 18 Kg PE bucket. 5 Kg: 5 - 6 m²/1 bucket, 10 Kg: 10 - 12 m²/1 bucket,
18 Kg : 18 - 22 m²/1 bucket
STORAGE : 24 months in original, unopened package, cool and dry environment.

Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
ISONEM BE 99 Application Photos
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