Disposable Fire Extinguisher - Throw Type Fire Extinguisher​

Anti-Molotov Throw Type Fire Extinguisher, A high-grade product developed for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, and C (European Classes) on the purpose of faster, safer and more e­ffectively than its beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is throwing our product into the fire. When ISONEM ANTI MOLOTOV, which is in a special plastic package, is thrown into the fire, the plastic container breaks and extinguishes the fire immediately. It is a liquid extinguishing agent and when thrown into the fire, it releases into the atmosphere. The heat of fire evaporates the extinguishing agent and a chemical reaction starts. By releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide, it chokes the fire, cuts its contact with oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent and this reduces the temperature of the burning material and thus other chemical foams step in and prevent the materials in the area from re-flaring.


  • Shelf life of 5 years, do not need any maintenance
  • No annual inspection or refilling
  • Easy operation; just THROW it, no difficulty, suitable for all ages
  • Very light (850 g).
  • Suitable for A, B, C type flames.
  • Portable, no need to approach the fire.
  • It is rescue & evacuation tool.
  • Does not release too much smoke and does not block the escape area.
  • It is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances.
  • Fast discharging: 1-5 seconds
  • Easily thrown into the fire and breaks down itself to extinguish the fire.
  • Does not require cleaning after use, no maintenance required.

Density (25°C, g/mL) : 1,10 ± 0,10
pH (25°C) : 8.0 – 9.0
Solvent : Water 
Extinguishing Capacity : 8 - 10 m² (Class A)
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ISONEM Anti Molotov Throw Type Fire Extinguisher​ Presentation Film
· Ideal use areas are closed and open areas.
· It can be used for any initial fires.
· It is a fire extinguisher which is very suitable for ships, houses, schools, vehicles and military facilities, gas stations, factories. 
• More effective on initial fires.
• Do not expose to direct sunlight.
• Keep out of reach of infants and small children.
• Do not consume.
• In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water.
· Packaging: 850 GR

· Storage temperature (°C): 5 - 55 °C
· Shelf life: 5 years
·  Storage condition: Store in a dry and cool place.
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