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Transparent Liquid For Exterior Surfaces

ISONEM MS 80 is a one component, transparent, penetrating silane/siloxane hydrophobic impregnant. The product reacts chemically with a mineral substrate to form a surface that is repellent to water yet still permeable to water vapour. ISONEM MS 80 protects and preserves the substrate without altering the natural surface texture or colour and without forming a film layer on the exterior surfaces where it has been applied. Since it prevents dampness, it also avoids the loss of the heat insulation value of the buildings. Protects the building from the damages and corrosion caused by the rain. It increases the life of the buildings, and can be used as a coating underneath the painting of the exterior surfaces.


  • Economical
  • Deeply penetrating
  • Permeable to vapour
  • Inhibits mould growth
  • Reduces unsightly staining
  • One component, easy to apply 
  • Easily re-coated
  • Protects against rain penetration
  • Inhibits chloride ingress
  • Reduces risk of efflorescence
  • Effective on old and new surfaces
  • Helps preserve natural colour and texture. The ISONEM MS 80 molecules are very small and highly mobile. The relatively slow solvent evaporation rate allows it to enter even the smallest pores. Its water vapour permeability allows the surface to “breath” naturally. The application of ISONEM MS 80 greatly extends the life and colour retention of brick- work. ISONEM MS 80 be used as an additional priming coat prior to acrylic protection exterior coatings, ISONEM BE 99.


  • Composition: Silane/Siloxane based hydrophobic impregnant
  • Density (Mixture): 0,8 gr/ml approx.
  • Solvents: Liquid hydrocarbons 
  • Flash Point: App. 38°C
  • Storage Temperature: App. 30°C
  • Application Temperature: Below dew point
  • Application tools: Brush, roller or low pressure sprayer.
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Usage AreasUsage Areas

USING AREAS: ISONEM MS 80 is recommended for weatherproofing exterior building brickwork, concrete, cement rendered concrete blocks, natural or cast stone etc. It is applicable on all types of mineral based and absorbing surfaces; such as, concrete, plaster, brick, compressed brick, travertine, natural stone, mosaic, tile, etc.

Application TypeApplication Type

APPLICATION: SUBSTRATE CONDITION: Surfaces should be dry and free from dirt, grit, dust, grease etc. Application to wet substrate will prevent penetration and result in poor adhesion. Paints, form release agents, curing compounds, moss, laitance, algae, etc. must be removed. Allow at least one month before applying ISONEM MS 80 to new concrete or masonry surfaces. There should be no cracks wider than 0.4 mm on the surfaces where the product will be applied and the existing cracks must be repaired.


METHOD OF USE: Apply direct from container - do not dilute. Wear impervious gloves and goggles during application. Apply by brush, roller or low pressure (approx. 40-60kPa) spray equipment. Do not use atomising sprayers. Flood the surface, don’t brush out like paint (causes bubbles or incomplete penetration). Apply evenly with steady strokes over the entire surface. Apply the product downwards from up. One coat is normally required if application is liberal and thorough and surface is reasonably non porous. On very porous material, it may be necessary to apply a second coat or treat porous surfaces with a cement based paint prior to application of ISONEM MS 80. When applying two coats of ISONEM MS 80, apply wet-on-wet. Do not apply ISONEM MS 80 to concrete surfaces subject to vehicular traffic. ISONEM MS 80 is invisible once dry - take adequate precautions to ensure entire surface is covered if application is interrupted. ISONEM MS 80 is not recommended for application to below ground surfaces subject to hydrostatic pressure

CURING: At 25°C the water repellent properties fully develop in approximately 24 hours.

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Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 80 Application Photos
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