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Capillary Plaster

ISONEM MS 20 is a specially produced plaster to ensure the treatment of humid and salt damaged walls. The walls absorb the water involving various salts such as the carbonate, sulphate and nitrate existing in the soil during the weather conditions at the seasons through the capillary canals and gaps. Then, such waters absorbed from the soil vaporize and the rest is seen as the humid occurrence and accumulated salts on the walls, in the course of time, such salts accumulate on the wall and inside the plaster so when they re-contact with the humid, they damage walls. To solve such problemI,S ONEM MS 20 Capillary Plaster is used it ensures the water to be vaporized quickly without leaving any humid mark .ISONEM MS 20 has the micro spaces enabling to store the salts as well as to prevent the expansion. Thanks to such spaces, it is prevented the salts to damage the plaster and the paint I.SONEM MS 20 has the hydrophobic structure. It also achieves the heat insulation with micro spaces up to 40%.


  • is a hydrophobic aerated plaster with high water vapour diffusion, does not support capillary movement of water, so is both salt and damp resistant
  • creates a salt free, dry and condensation free surface
  • permanently prevents salt efflorescence, bubbling of paint and spalling of plaster and salt,
  • is frost- and salt-resistant,
  • allows damp substrates to dry,
  • is suitable for trowel or spray application.


  • Appearance / Colour: Grey powder
  • Chemical Base: Cementitious mortar modified with polymers.
  • Density: Fresh mortar:1,3±0,1 kg/l (at +20°C)
  • Grading: Dmax: 2.5mm
  • Layer Thickness: 5 mm min./20 mm max.
  • Application temperature: between +5°C and +30°C
  • Potlife: ~1 hour (at +20°C) •Micro space rate: 34%
  • Water retaining rate: 98%
  • Capillary water absorption: 0,35 kg/m2
  • Water penetration dept: 2mm
Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product
Usage AreasUsage Areas

USES: It is ideal for refurbishment of basements, vaults, and old structures. It produces a dry, efflorescent free surface. Moist walls such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement walls contacting to the soil damaged paints and foundation

Application TypeApplication Type


SUBSTRATE QUALITY/ PREPARATION: Damaged plaster layer that was damaged due to the salt accumulation should be removed mechanically. Applicaiton surface must be premoistured, structurally sound, clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, loose or friable particles other contaminants(such as paint etc.).

APPLICATION CONDITIONS / LIMITATIONS: •Substrate Temperature +5°C min. / +30°C max. •Ambient Temperature +5°C min. / +30°C max.


MIXING RATIO: For 20 kg bag, 4 liters water must be used. Water/Powder ratio must be 1:5 by weight

MIXING: Pour water in correct proportion into a suitable mixing vessel. Add powder, whilst stirring slowly. To avoid entraining too much air mix mechanically for at least 3 minutes, using low speed electric stirrer (max. 500 rpm) in order to maintain a homogeneous mortar.

APPLICATION METHOD / TOOLS: ISONEM MS 20 can be applied by wet spray equipment with spatula or trowel. ISONEM MS 20 must be applied in two layers. The first layer is applied to the surface by trowel in thickness of 5 mm. The second layer is applied in thickness of 2 cm after 24 hours. Then it is smoothened and finished. If the surface is to be painted, it should be done after 14 days. To select the paint type, breathing paints should be taken into consideration.

CLEANING OF TOOLS: Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened/cured material can only be mechanically removed.

CURING: The plaster must be cured with suitable curing materials to prevent premature drying out of the mortar or standard curing methods are recommended. Keep it moist if exposed to strong sunshine or wind.


  • Please do not use more water than advised.
  • Do not use the product below the allowed min. temperature so that the material completes the setting. The setting is slowed down under low temperatures and speeded up under high temperatures. Workability period also varies inversely depending on the temperature
Consumption and Suggestions

CONSUMPTION: ~20,00 kg/m2. Material consumption depends on substrate conditions and application method.
PACKAGE: 20 kg craft bag
HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION: For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.
STORAGE CONDITIONS/SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers at temperatures between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Protect from excessive temperature and frost

Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
ISONEM MS 20 Application Photos
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