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ISONEM Antifire Wood Varnish

ISONEM Antifire Wood Varnish is a fire resistant, water based, intumescent and transparent thin film coating used for the protection of the wooden surfaces in the interior against fire. In the outdoor applications, the Antifire Wood Varnish applied surfaces must be protected by water-based wood varnish application. Thanks to its transparent structure, when applied, it provides a surface with a highly fire-retardant performance without changing the color of the surface. If a different color is desired, a coloring agent may be applied to the surface before the application. It is nature friendly. It does not contain VOC and solvent, it is extremely simple to apply.


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  • Water based, nature friendly.
  • Prevents spreading of the flames on the wooden surface.
  • With its superior fire-retardant performance, prevents the wood from being ignited immediately.
  • Slows down the speed of fire progress.
  • Does not emit toxic fumes.
  • Provides additional safety against fire in closed and risky places where people are gathered.
  • Easy to use. Can be applied with a spray / brush / roll.


Product Structure                   : Water based antifire varnish with two components,

Color                                      : Transparent

Density (25°C, g/mL) : 1.45 gr/ml ± 0.10

Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s)        : 1500 – 2500

Dust dry time (25°C)  : 18 – 24 hours

Hard dry time (25°C) : 3 days

Through-dry time (25°C)       : 7 days

Mixture life :    Temperature   Time

                          +25°C      ~45 minutes

Mixture ratio: 2/1 (by weight)

Application TypeApplication Type

Surface Preparation

The application surfaces must be dry, clean and free from any dirt, oil, dust and surface wastes.

Preparation of the Mixture

ISONEM ANTIFIRE WOOD VARNISH is supplied in ready-to-use kits according to the mixing ratio. Prepare an amount of mixture to be applied by considering the mixture life. Before starting to mix, make sure that temperatures of the materials are between +15 and +25°C. Stir component A with a 300 – 400 rpm mechanical mixer for 3-4 minutes without dragging air in it. Then, pour the entire component B into component A and make sure that no material is left in component B. Stir component A and B at least for 3 minutes until a homogenous mixture is obtained and consume the prepared mixture within 40-45 minutes.

Application Method

ISONEM ANTIFIRE WOOD VARNISH should be applied with a brush, roller or spray to obtain the desired thickness, it should be applied in 2 or 3 coats, wait about 18 - 24 hours for each coat.

Consumption and Suggestions

WARNING: During and after the application, protect from external factors such as rain, water, mechanical impacts, etc. for 24 hours.

CONSUMPTION       : Depending on the surface, approximately 0.300– 0.500 kg/m² (single coat application)

PACKAGING            : 1.5 kg set -   Component A, 1 kg tin can +

Component B, 0.5 kg tin can (hardener)

STORAGE                : 24 months in its original un opened packaging in a cool and dry environment.

Notes: All technical information given in this Product Data Sheet is based on laboratory tests. Actual values may vary due to circumstances beyond our control


Health and Safety Information: Users should refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of the product for information and recommendations on the safe transport, storage and disposal of chemical products, including physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related information.

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