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Fire retardant paint is a non-flammable, fire proof paint. It dries and forms a monolith layer on the surface of application. It has an excellent fire retarding feature and it is decorative. It functions as fire retardant when in direct contact with flame. It is fire resistant. It is water-based and does not consist any solvents. It is flexible and not affected by motion. It can be easily applied on dry or semi-humid surfaces. It is water resistant but steam permeable. This feature allows respiration of the application surface. Special dirt-resistant formula allows maintaining its initial features for many years. It prevents carbon dioxide gases generated in the structure and slows down carbonization generation, protecting steel structures, preventing corrosions. It comes in white color and it can be colored by preference. It is suitable for use on concrete, wooden, prefabricated and steel structures.
TECHNICAL FEATURES: •Color: White or any color of preference •Application temperature: Over + 5°C •Water absorption feature: 12% •Steam permeability: 2 o 20 g/m2 •Tensile strength: 2 N/mm at + 23°C •Breaking elongation: 50% at + 23°C •Fire retardant feature: It CONFORMS to TS 13501-1/JANUARY 2010 Schedule 1 B S1 d0 requirements in accordance with the examination and experiments performed based on TS EN 13823:March 2010 standard, examination and experiment report results referenced TS ISO 11925-2, dated 02.2012 / No. 139921. ACCORDING TO THE RESULT OF EX LAB EXAMINATION EXPERIMENT BY DIRECTORATE OF TSE EXPERIMENT and CALIBRATION CENTER; Reaction of the experiment sample to fire in EN 13501-1 B (in accordance with the European classification) test method: PASSED Test of experiment samples pursuant to TS EN ISO 11925-2 test method; •Inflammation of samples: DID NOT OCCUR Flames DID NOT REACH 150 mm testing line during the experiment period •Dripping of samples: DID NOT OCCUR •Filter paper: DID NOT BURN •Experiment sample just: MELTED •Lateral fire spread on the longitude: DID NOT OCCUR •Fire particles or drops f<10s and f>10s: DID NOT OCCUR •Smoke spread from the sample into the room: DID NOT OCCUR •Early termination of the experiment: DID NOT OCCUR •Sample deterioration or denture: DID NOT OCCUR SUMMARY OF THE TSE TEST RESULT: •Average FIGRA value (W/s): 17,24 •Average THR600s (MJ): 0,93 •Average SMORA value (m2/s2): 10,58 •Average TSP600s (m2): 51,86 •Up to LFS line (mm): DID NOT OCCUR •Burning drops/particles <_10s: DID NOT OCCUR •Burning drops/particles >10s:
DID NOT OCCUR RESULT: During the examinations and tests performed on ISONEM ANTI FIRE PAINT ‘’inflammable paint’’ sample pursuant to TS EN 13823:MARCH 2010 standard, result of the examination and experiment reference TS EN ISO 11925-2, dated 02.2012/No. 139921 CONFORMS to TS EN 13501-1/ JANUARY 2010 Schedule 1 B S1 d0 classification criteria.

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Usage AreasUsage Areas
METHOD OF USE: SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces shall be clean, free of substances such as oil, dirt, mud before the application, and the extracted particles must be removed. Surface can be dry or lightly damp. The packing must be opened and stirred homogenously before application
AREAS OF USE: •All types of plastered, painted and unpainted internal and external surfaces. •On Concrete, Wooden and Steel structures. •On the roofs and fire-escape stairs •All locations where inflammability is required •At schools, day care, hospitals theatres and cinema halls. •On plaster board wall partitions and ceilings •On chimneys •At thermal plants and industrial structures, factories •At military facilities 
Application TypeApplication Type

APPLICATION METHOD: It can be applied using brush, roll or a suitable paint gun. Before the application, apply a primer coat diluted with 50% water. Allow to dry for 4 hours. Non-diluted paint should be applied in 2 layers at 4 hours intervals after the primer layer to finish the painting process.
PACKING: 18 kg PE bucket 

Consumption and Suggestions

CONSUMPTION: 1 kg paint will be sufficient for 2-3 m² areas in two layers based on the surface, material thickness and required fire retarding resistance. SAFETY: Keep away from children. Store in cool places. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult a physician. If swallowed, immediately consult with a physician. COLOR: White or it can be made in any color. STORAGE CONDITIONS/SHELF LIFE: 24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers at temperatures between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Protect from excessive temperature and frost.

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