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Surface Cleaner

ISONEM NANO-CLEAN is a general-purpose cleaner developed for cleaning and removing the joint remnants on tiles rapidly and effectively in all kinds of ceramic applications. Before painting, it is used for the preparation of metals and removal of the oil, dirt and rust on metal surfaces. It removes the dirt in bathrooms, kitchens and rooms without damaging the stainless steel and plastic surfaces. It should only be applied on stone, porcelain, ceramic, baked clay tiles as a joint cleaner. For metal cleaner usage, it is recommended to use on aluminum, iron, steel, bronze, copper, brass, cadmium coating and lead. 
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The product is directly applied on the surface to be cleaned. (Joint breaks, plaster coatings, metal surfaces, the parts being processed, and so on.) A period of 2-3 minutes is waited for penetration. By wiping with a sponge or cloth, oil, dirt, rust, stains, etc are removed. In difficult removal case of the dirt, the application should be repeated and should be wiped with a brush or a similar material.In joint cleaning the surface must be swilled thoroughly with plenty of water. In metal cleaning, preservatives should be applied immediately after cleaning.

Application TypeApplication Type
APPLICATION METHOD: By spraying, dipping, brushing.
POINTS TO CONSIDER: The application equipment must be made of acid-resistant material. The product is recommended to be tested in a small area. Take protective actions, wear goggles and gloves. The product irritates eyes and skin. After eye contact, wash the eyes and seek medical advice.
Consumption and Suggestions

CONSUMPTION: Variable depending on the application
PACKING: 1 lt and 5 lt plastic package
SHELF LIFE: 24 months

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