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Solvent Free Epoxy Based Floor Coating

ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K provides a 1.0-2.0 mm thickness up to 4.0-5.0 mm hard wearing, attractive floor, which is chemical resistant, impervious and easy to clean. Available in a range of colours ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K is ideal for use in pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, industrial floors subjected to moderately heavy loading, cold storage facilities (-20°C to –25°C), switch gear plant rooms hospital clean rooms and any application requiring a hygienic easy clean surface. ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K is a blend of solventfree epoxy resin, hardener and selected quartz aggregates. Each pack contains three factory weighed containers of exact proportions for mixing and use on site. A pre-packaged primer is also supplied.
SPECIAL FEATURES: •Solvent free-hygenic •Low odour •High chemical resistance •Hard wearing •Easy to clean-seamless •Attractive •Available in a range of colours TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: •Colour: Available in any colours. •Density: 1.6 gr/cm3 •Volume solids: Approx 100% •Application temperatures & humidity conditions: +10°C min, +30°C max (Substrate and ambient) RH 85% max •Substrate M.C.& RH: 4% by Wt or 75% RH •Application thickness: 1.0 mm minimum – 5.0 mm maximum
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: •Compressive strength: >80 N/mm2 •Tensile strength: >15 N/mm2
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Refer to chart (Consult ISONEM Ltd for additional information). •Adhesion to concrete: 40-50 kg/cm2 •Primer (20°C): Pot life: 60 min. Initial cure: 120 min. •Screed (20°C): Pot life: 50 min. Full cure: 7 days I

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE SURFACE PREPARATION: New concrete or cementitious substrates should be at least 28 days old when the moisture content of the substrate should be less than 5%. All laitence and loose materials must be removed from the concrete surface. If the concrete is strong and sound with light laitence, this may be achieved by acid etching followed by thorough washing with water. The floor must then be left to dry. Cracked or damaged concrete or heavy laitence should be prepared by grit blasting or scabbling until a solid surface is reached showing exposed aggregate. All dust and debris should then be removed. Surfaces contaminated with oil or grease should be flame cleaned or thoroughly washed with a good detergent. MIXING: Mechanical mixing of resin based materials is preferred whenever possible. In order to avoid trapping air in the material, mixers running at less than 400 r.p.m. are recommended.
PRIMING: Use only ISONEM EP PRIMER. Pour the entire contents of one pack of primer hardener into the resin and mix until a uniform consistency is achieved. Once mixed apply in a thin continuous film with stiff brushes or rollers. Avoid over application or puddles. Highly porous substrates may require two coats of primer.
LAYING THE SCREED: ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K is supplied in pre weighed packs in exact proportions. No other materials should be added. STIR CONTENTS OF EACH TIN THOROUGHLY. Pour the entire contents of the hardener into the resin and mix until uniform. Slowly add the graded filler until fully blended. After the primer has reached initial cure pour the screed mix onto the floor and spread with a toothed trowel to approximately 3 mm thick. Roll the floor firmly with a spiked nylon roller to release any trapped air and level any slight trowel marks. Continue to roll until all air has been released.
ANTI-SKID FINISH: If required Anti-skid granules may then be applied to the still wet surface. This gives a non-slip surface. Granule; should be applied 15-30 minutes after laying of the topping to ensure they do not sink but are adequately bound to the surface. Apply approximately 0.1 kg per m2. CURING: New floor will withstand foot traffic after reaching initial hardness. Heavy traffic and chemicals should not be allowed until after 7 days.
Consumption and Suggestions
CONSUMPTION: •ISONEM EP PRIMER: 300 – 400 gr/m2. •ISONEM SELF LEVELLING 3K: 3,5 – 5 kg/m2 •ANTI-SKID GRANULES: 20 kgs pack covers 200m2 approximately.
PACKAGE:Total 12 kg set (A Component (paint): 4,20 kg metal container + B Component (hardener) : 1,80 kg metal container + C Component (mineral aggregate
mixture) : 6 kg PE Bucket
HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION: For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data. 
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