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Tennis Court Paint

ISONEM FLOOR PAINT is one component, water-based colored acrylic based elastic floor covering material. It is not chalking on concrete and cement surfaces in interior and exterior and it is also used to obtain a decorative surface (without continuous water contact). It has good abrasion resistance. It has very good UV resistance and does not fade color. It has high coverage. Strength and elasticity are high. 



· Type : Water-based, acrylic emulsion based, single component 
· Elongation at Break : 50%
· Density (25°C, g/mL) : 1.40 ± 0.10 
· Tensile Strength: 2,28 kg/cm²
· Solid Content (% Weight) : 74 ± 2 
· Adhesion Strength: > 1.5 N / mm²
· Application thickness : ~ 1 mm for dry film thickness for 2 layers (primer + coating) 
· Water Transmission Rate (kg/ m². h0,5) : ≤0.1, CLASS W3


Documents of the ProductDocuments of the Product
Usage AreasUsage Areas

· Tennis courts, games and entertainment 
· Garages and light traffic exposed to parking areas
· It can be used for walkways, sidewalks, traffic signs, etc.

Application TypeApplication Type
Surface Preparation : Concrete surfaces should be cleaned from cement slurry by using abrasive equipment and an open pore surface should be obtained. Weak concrete must be removed. Surface repairs, filling of gaps, surface levelling should be done using ISONEM M 03 Repair Mortar. All dust, loose and friable particles should be completely removed from the surface by brush and/or vacuum cleaner, preferably before application. All surfaces to be treated ISONEM Universal Primer (1: 7 diluted with water) primed with the adhesion promoter.
Application: All applications should be done in at least 2 coats, but a third coat may be required for depending on the porosity of the surface or on the colored surfaces. The application can be made by brush or airless spraying equipment. The suitability of spraying equipment should be determined by trial. It is always recommended to apply the second coat to get the best finishing. It is recommended to wait 4 hours between coats. During the application and curing time, the ambient and surface temperature should be above + 10 ° C.
Consumption and Suggestions

COLOR: Oxide red, dark gray, dark green, white, blue (Other shades can be produced upon request.)

PACKAGING: 18 kg PE bucket. Min 18 m²/1 bucket (in 2 coats)

STORAGE: 24 months in original, unopened package, cool and dry environment

Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
ISONEM FLOOR PAINT Application Photos
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